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LOTUS BOY ( ze/zir, he/him, they/them ) is a shapeshifting, transgender and nonbinary, Chinese-American drag king and performance artist who is disabled and proud. Ze is currently based in occupied Tamyen Ohlone Land (San Jose, CA) and has been performing regularly around the Bay Area for the past four years. His art explores gender fluidity, accessibility, healing from trauma, and ancestral rage. With every performance, ze hopes to help you learn or unlearn something.

In 2019, LOTUS BOY was honored to be a Mentor Artist for the inaugural Queer & Asian Performing Artist Residency at San Jose State University. In 2021, he won Runner-Up of the 25th Annual San Francisco Drag King Competition, and he was a featured artist for THEYFRIEND, the world's first Non-Binary Performance Artist Festival. In 2021, LOTUS BOY was a mentor for the inaugural DragLab high school mentorship program with Queens of the Castro. In February 2022, they premiered their musical solo show, Disability Is A Drag! in San Francisco at the Potrero Stage. In April 2022, LOTUS BOY will be a featured artist at the Austin International Drag Festival. This year, he is thrilled to be on the Board of Directors and the Accessibility Lead for OAKLASH, the Bay Area's Drag Festival, which is occurring May 23 - 29th, virtual and in person in Oakland, CA. 

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