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Featured artist for THEYFRIEND, the world's first Nonbinary Performance Festival (November 2021)

I experience my disabilities, my race/ethnicity, and my gender as liminal spaces. Liminal space; noun; the time between the 'what was’ and the ‘what's next'; a place of transition, of waiting, of not knowing.  The dichotomy of being invisibly and hypervisibly disabled―depending on the day. The moment after the infamous "what are you?'" that mixed race people know well. The inevitable misgendering when my expression is perpetually fluctuating, expanding, and fluid. The constant waiting for the next question, next assumption, next projection of who/what you think I am in any given moment. In "strength; Unexpected" I incorporate drag, ancestral movement (qigong), and spoken word in defiant exploration of my existence in these liminal spaces. Simultaneously, this is an invitation for you to explore and question your own.

Strength; Unexpected: Projects
Strength; Unexpected: Pro Gallery
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